20180507 Notes

The process is beautiful, but it is nothing but a process. What everyone wants is the correct result. Without the correct result, all operations are meaningless.

It is an inevitable trend to work hard to do things, streamline processes, and reduce complexity.

Work is not a nine-to-five, or even ineffective overtime every day, but a smart and efficient work.

Some people will say that if you do it so fast, it is not difficult, but they are wrong, just because you know how to do it efficiently.

Probably in most cases, the more ink you complete, the more praise you will get from the leader, and if you complete it quickly, you will be considered impetuous.

Every 30-year-old company will have more or less some diseases. If it is not treated, it will gradually decline.

The founder has no fighting spirit;

The old man of the company has to live by;


What I have encountered most is that the founder wanted to do a project with a long history, but too much investment caused the capital chain to break.


Some do a single industry, some do diversification, it seems that they are all going to extremes.


Broken ships without maintenance, waiting for the fate will only sink.

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