Sending stomp message to client on every http request

Alina J :

I have a spring boot server and a client which are connected via Websockets using STOMP.

My use case is that I want to send data to the client, every time a http request to a specific endpoint is made. All the tutorials I found, only show the case, that the client sends some data to "/hello" and the server reacts by sending data to "topic/greetings":

public Greeting greeting(HelloMessage message) throws Exception {
    Thread.sleep(1000); // simulated delay
    return new Greeting("Hello, " + HtmlUtils.htmlEscape(message.getName()) + "!");

What I need is a controller method that sends data without the need of the message mapping. It should just send data to the client every time someone performs a get request to the endpoint. I tried the following, but it didn't work:

private SimpMessagingTemplate msgTemplate;

@RequestMapping(value = "/send-data", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public String sendData(@RequestHeader(value = "id") String id,
                               @RequestHeader(value = "data") String data) {

    User user = new User(); = UUID.fromString(id);
    user.stringData = data;
    msgTemplate.convertAndSend("topic/data-received", "data sent!!");
    return "successful";

Here is my client code:

function connect() {
var socket = new SockJS('/clipboard-websocket');
var stompClient = Stomp.over(socket);
stompClient.connect({}, function (frame) {
    console.log('Connected: ' + frame);
    stompClient.subscribe('topic/data-received/', function (message) {
        alert("Data received!!");

And that's my WebSocket config:

public void configureMessageBroker(MessageBrokerRegistry config) {

public void registerStompEndpoints(StompEndpointRegistry registry) {
Barath :

Trailing slash is missing in the destination

msgTemplate.convertAndSend("/topic/data-received", "data sent!!");

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