A Preliminary Study of Vue's Self-study Road 3-vue Template

Front-end rendering

Front-end rendering is to fill data into HTML tags

Process: template + data -> front-end rendering -> HTML static content

Front-end rendering method

1. Native js splicing string

Method: Data is spliced ​​to HTML tags in the form of strings.

Disadvantages: non-standard, unclear code, troublesome maintenance

2. Front-end template engine

Method: Based on art-template, the code is more standardized and standardized

Advantages: improved readability, convenient for later maintenance

Disadvantages: there is no special event mechanism, it needs to be combined with js

3. Use Vue's unique template syntax

  • Interpolation expression
  • instruction
  • Event binding
  • Property binding
  • Style binding
  • Branch loop structure


1. Native js splicing string

var info = document.getElementById('info');

info.innerHTML= '';

for ( var i=0; i < 10 ; i++)


  tag = "<span>测试</span>"

  var div = document.createElement('div');

  div.innerHTML= tag;



2. Front-end template engine

<script id='abc' type='text/html'>

  {{ if isadmin }}



  {{each list as value i }}





Vue's interpolation expression

<div id='app'> 
    <!-- Interpolation expression, add v-cloak attribute to 
    div --> <div>{{msg}}</div> 
    <div>{{ 1+2 }}</ div> 
    <div>{{ msg +'---' +'Vue' }}</div> 

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