I can handle this demand, can you?


Programmers, high IQ groups, often have super-confidence in the work of their opponents. You often hear them say,

Small problems can be solved soon ;

This is not difficult, a very common function ;

Give it to me, it will be done in a long time ;

What's the actual situation? You can guess.

When faced with a demand, my answer is: I will consider it and reply later.

Theory guides practice

Whether we are doing a project or just a certain part of the project, we need to follow a good habit. There is a saying in the book "Controlling Habits" that when you don't know where to start, there is always no problem to ensure that the process is correct.

What I want to say is to do the project and do the requirements, the correct process is, no matter how many requirements, the document first. The document is the theory and the guide design book. It records all the relevant information of the project or demand, can give people clear information tips, and prepare for the subsequent review and summary of experience.

Programmers focus on practice and are good at practice, but without theoretical guidance, it is easy to enter misunderstandings, miss the process, and lack things.


How to organize requirements design documents

All problems are economic problems

The development requirement is to solve the user's problem, and the user needs to solve the problem. It must be to achieve a certain effect, and the business can bring value to itself. The point is value, there is no value, everything is useless.

 Therefore, the design document first considers what kind of goals the requirements are made to achieve, that is, it can reflect the value, which is called KPI in the workplace .

After the goal is determined, consider the user's low-level requirements, such as experience and function availability.

Professionals do professional things

Think clearly about the goal and understand the user's mind. The next step is the programmer's showtime , the general workflow, here I don't have too much nonsense, the following picture makes it clear.

A picture to ensure that the process is correct



Follow me, think together, and make progress together.

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