Call Dingding interface to send work notifications

Attach the official document link for reference:

Next on the code, the actual test is available: (when multiple people are notified, the list data is converted into a String string)

 // Send a
 DingTalk message to notify dDComponent.sendMessage(receivers, ""The item has been uploaded successfully");
 a DingTalk message to notify the administrator String sql="select account_id from tbl_user_role_info a ,tbl_user_info b where a.user_id=b.user_id and a.role_id='admin'";
 List<DDBean> list=jdbcTemplate.query(sql, new BeanPropertyRowMapper<>(DDBean.class));"Recipient list:"+list.size()) ;
 if (!CollectionUtils.isEmpty(list)){  StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();  String account_id = "";  for(int i=0;i<list.size();i++){         if(i<list. size()-1){

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