HTML5 2D Graphic realizes five golden pattern design

The new drawing features provided by HTML5 make a new breakthrough in the image design of Web-based 2D Graphic. Most modern browsers such as Google, Firefox, QQ browser, Safari, Opera, IE9 and 10 are supported. Users no longer need Adobe Flash Palyer plug-in to complete 2D image creation. Take five golden flower petal-shaped designs as an example to introduce their new features.

1. Enter the "Picture Dragon Solution" design version and create polygon primitives on the canvas, as shown in the figure

QQ browser screenshot 20210323170110.jpg

In this example, the number of sides is specified as 5, and the panel can set the number of sides, set fill color, border color, shadow color, etc. Import pictures. After uploading and importing, the images are automatically filled into primitives. Zoom and move the picture to the best effect. As shown

QQ browser screenshot 20210323170602.jpg

You can also move and rotate the primitives 360° on the canvas at will, as shown in the figure

QQ browser screenshot 20210323203329.jpg

Use the right-click menu of primitives to complete functions such as copy, combination, arrangement, and alignment, as shown in the figure

QQ browser screenshot 20210323212122.jpg

Use the characteristics of copy, move, and rotate to get five golden flower petal-shaped patterns, as shown in the figure

QQ browser screenshot 20210323171548.jpg

At the same time adjust the definition, saturation, brightness, hue, contrast, Noise and other characteristics of the picture element. You can also use the advanced features in the visual service to obtain high-definition picture quality.

The new features of HTML5 Graphic provide practitioners with a broader creative space.

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