GitHub open source: One-click generation of front-end and back-end code artifact jeecg

JeecgBoot is a low-code platform based on BPM! Front-end and back-end separation architecture SpringBoot 2.x, SpringCloud, Ant Design&Vue, Mybatis-plus, Shiro, JWT, support microservices. The powerful code generator allows one-click generation of front-end and back-end codes, realizing low-code development! JeecgBoot leads the new low-code development model OnlineCoding-> Code Generator-> Manual MERGE to help Java projects solve 70% of the repetitive work, allowing development to pay more attention to business, which can quickly improve efficiency and save R&D costs without losing flexibility! A series of low-code capabilities: Online forms, online reports, online charts, form design, process design, report design, large screen design, etc...

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