Unexpected token '...'. Expected a property name解决

Android can ios version 11.0.4 Whiteboard error Unexpected token'...'. Expected a property name

Solution Install    plugin-proposal-object-rest-spread

npm install   @babel/plugin-proposal-object-rest-spread

Add in babel.config.js 

plugins: [






invalid. . .

Delete node_module npm run cache clean --force         

invalid. . .

vue create vuetest 

After the creation is successful, copy the code into it, and found that ios did not report an error, and it runs successfully. It is speculated that there is still a cache problem, so

Continue to delete node_module on the original project delete package-lock.json 

Run cache clean --force  

npm install 

npm run serve  

success. . .

Could it be that the cache caused by package-lock.json is not cleared and reimported the deleted package?

Remember to delete node_module and package-lock in the future.


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