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The virtual host service has a history of more than 20 years and is a relatively mature industry. There are hundreds of companies in the market that provide virtual host rental services.

Because of this, the industry is very competitive. The price of virtual hosting services ranges from $1 to hundreds of dollars a month, and the quality of services is also uneven. How to distinguish between good and bad virtual hosting? I analyze several well-known virtual hosting services in the market from the two dimensions of virtual hosting type and price.

1. Type of virtual host

The wordpress software runs on web-hosting. The better the performance of the virtual host, the higher the efficiency of wordpress.

At present, there are mainly three types of virtual hosts in foreign countries, and the performances from low to high are shared hosts, managed hosts, and exclusive hosts. The essential difference between the three is the computing resources they can actually allocate. Note that they are actually available, not the nominal resources in the package.

The essence of virtual host is to logically divide a physical host into multiple virtual hosts through software. Multiple virtual hosts share the same physical host resources. If you do not consider the experience, in theory, a physical host can virtualize hundreds of virtual hosts.

  • Dedicated host : It is easy to understand that a physical host resource is completely used by you. Of course, this cost is also the highest, and most wordpress users do not use such high resources. It is sufficient to use shared or managed virtual hosting.

  • Managed virtual host : The host company allocates a physical host to multiple users in a certain proportion through technical means. The resources that each user can use, such as 10GB of disks, 200,000 visits per month, etc., are clearly defined. Even if the resources allocated to you are not used up, the host will not allocate it to others. In this way, you can guarantee to the greatest extent the host resources that the virtual host you purchase can use.

  • Shared virtual host : The resource allocation method is that all virtual hosts share the entire physical host resources. There is no separate restriction on the resources used by each virtual host. The actual amount depends on whether the overall resources are surplus. The fewer the number of shared virtual hosts, the more resources each virtual host can obtain. Conversely, the more shared users, all users need to earn the same share of resources.


How to distinguish the host type?

Shared hosting mostly indicates that there is no restriction on capacity, no bandwidth, and no restrictions on the number of deployed websites. The managed host clearly specifies the SSD space, bandwidth, and access volume that each virtual host can use.

Taking Bluehost as an example, two types of virtual hosts are provided at the same time. A very big difference can be seen in their description, and the price difference is also very big.


Most of the virtual hosts that most wordpress users buy for less than $10/month are basically shared virtual hosts.

How do I know how many people the shared virtual host I bought is shared with?

Host companies generally do not give an answer to this question. How many users share a physical host in the end depends entirely on the price of the host package you buy and the conscience of the host. From the perspective of the host, the more people sharing, the higher their profits.

If the total allocated resources exceed the physical host resources, this situation is called host over-provisioning. Most of the shared hosts provided by host companies have over-provisioning, which is just a matter of severity. If it is not over-provisioned, the price of the shared host cannot support the cost. Those who complain about the slowness of wordpress virtual hosting are mostly shared hosting types.

Types of web hosting provided by several major brands on the market:

Brand Shared hosting Managed host Dedicated host
SiteGround ✔️ ✔️
Bluehost ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
DreamHost ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Kinsta ✔️ ✔️

Many users do not understand why the packages with unlimited capacity on the official website of the virtual host are much cheaper than the packages with limited capacity, because they are two completely different types of virtual hosts. When buying, you must pay attention to the distinction, and don't be fooled by the surface configuration. How many resources are actually available is what you should consider.

2. Web hosting prices

After understanding the difference between shared, managed, and dedicated hosts, let's take a look at their configurations and prices.

  • The price of shared hosting is rather messy. Some hosting companies can offer a price as low as US$1/month in order to attract new users, but the price range of virtual hosting provided by most brands is around US$5-10.
  • The price of the managed host is related to the purchased package configuration, such as the amount of access and the size of the SSD space. The price is generally 10-30 USD/month.
  • The price range of exclusive virtual hosts is more flexible, ranging from 80 dollars to several hundred dollars.

What price of web host do I need for my website?

If you are a new user of WordPress and want to build a blog to practice your hands and learn the basics of building a website, then choosing a shared host is enough, and a shared virtual host of 5-10 USD/month is enough.

If you are building a foreign trade B2B portal, English affiliate website, Google adsense advertising website, then try to choose a managed virtual host. Such hosts often have continuous, stable and reliable availability and access speed guarantees. Imagine the following, when a potential customer visits your corporate portal site, it happens that the site is unavailable. This situation will leave a bad impression on the customer.

If you are building a B2C e-commerce website such as woocommerce, mangeto, etc., in addition to very high availability requirements, this type of website often requires very fast website access speed. It is recommended to choose a managed or higher-performance exclusive website for this type of website Type virtual host.

What pits might you encounter when purchasing a foreign virtual host?

1. New user price and renewal price : It is important to note that the price marked on the official website of the virtual host is often a discounted price for new users, and there is often no discount for renewal.

2. You need a one-time purchase for x years to enjoy the lowest discount : Bluehost hosts are particularly obvious, and it often takes three or even ten years to purchase the lowest discount. Judging from my personal website building experience, I don’t recommend that you buy it at a time for too long. Many people tend to build websites for a while and won’t last for a few months. Most hosts do not provide refund service, you can buy it for 1 year and then renew it as needed.

In order to more clearly list the pits in the host, I detailed the comparison of the new purchase and renewal prices between the various virtual host brands. You can refer to this WordPress hosting review compiled by me .


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