Recommend 3 walking projects

I haven't recommended a project for a long time, most of the time I recommend it to everyone in Technology Weekly:

Android worthy of your in-depth content | 5 issues

However, the update of the big factory is relatively slow. It just happens that today is the first day of the holiday. I will give you an appetizer and recommend 3 items that you want. It doesn't seem to be strenuous.

foreign language translation

I still remember that Simple, a long time ago, presided over a foreign language technical translation project, but this kind of work was actually very energy-consuming (because I had to contact the original author, authorize the translation, and check), and then stopped.

Fortunately, the Nuggets have developed a translation plan. This kind of project should be done by the company.

The Nuggets Translation Project has currently translated 1,635 articles, 13 official documents and manuals, and more than 1,000 translators have contributed translation and proofreading.

As an Android number, I will focus on Android:

Recommend 3 walking projects
You can check it out if you are okay. Of course, I think that many students may not have the habit of bookmarking links, so I went to the common navigation on the right side of

Thank the Nuggets for their dedication.

Java to Kotlin conversion website

Kotlin is very popular, and many times we may suddenly forget how a certain writing in Java is written in Kotlin?

There happens to be such a project:

For example, I want to see how the for loop is written in Kotlin:

Recommend 3 walking projects

Take a look at how the collection is written:

Recommend 3 walking projects

This website shows common writing methods, which are good for learning and quick reference.

Similarly, I put the frequently used links on the right side of wanandroid.

Flutter complete development and actual combat detailed series

Dazhao's works, perhaps you have seen the projects at the beginning of GSY, are very popular.

This series will fully describe: how to quickly develop a complete Flutter APP from 0, supporting the highly completed Flutter open source project GSYGithubAppFlutter, and will also provide some Flutter development details and skills, and then in-depth source code and actual combat to fully analyze Flutter for you.

Provided the address for online reading:

Recommend 3 walking projects

PDF downloads are also provided for those who like offline:

Well, I have opened a quick access entry on wanandroid for everyone to visit.

Recommend 3 walking projects

Thank these authors for sharing and dedication! I wish you all a good start!

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