Solve Can't use Subversion command line client:svn in Mac bigsur

After macOS update Big Sur, open IntelliJ products and it will report Can't use Subversion command line client:svn The path to the Subversion executable is probably wrong. Fix it. The
previous mac version can be used only by updating CommandLineTools, but the mac is here The version does not provide svn in CommandLineTools, so it still cannot be used after the update.
First of all

xcode-select --install

If you are prompted that you have installed and updated, you can execute the following code to delete the old version of CommandLineTools

sudo rm -rf /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools

Then continue to execute

xcode-select --install

Until the CommandLineTools installation is complete.

Next we use Homebrew to install subversion.

First check the version of Homebrew and update to the latest version (!!! More important, otherwise subversion cannot be installed)

Check version

brew -v

Update to the latest version

 /bin/zsh -c "$(curl -fsSl"

Select the download source of the University of Science and Technology of China, and enter Y to execute the script and enter the computer password, and wait for its update to succeed.

Then execute

 brew options subversion
 brew install subversion

Wait for its installation to succeed. Enter after

svn --version

Check the version. The installation is successful, just restart IDEA.

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