Kettle extract data Chinese garbled

This kind of garbled problem is obviously the problem of character set. At this time, you can go to the database to check the character set of the database. My problem is the MySQL database, and the character set of the MySQL database is generally utf8 or utf8mb4 (utf8mb4 It is a superset of utf8, specially used to be compatible with four-byte unicode), so we can set the data to utf8 encoding when inserting the data into the MySQL table output position.

Open Kettle , double-click the table output , click on the connection to the database next to the editor , enter the database connection edit pages.

Then click on the second item: Advanced Fill in the set names utf8 in the blank below .

Next, click on the option and fill in characterEncoding utf8 in the form below .

Then there is no problem with inserting.

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