How to upload your own code to github in WebStorm

tips: I use the 2020.1 version of webstorm, follow the operation after 2020.1, there is no problem, there are many other versions online

first step:

Enter File-->Setting-->search for git, as shown in the figure, and then add the path here as git.exe in cmd in the Git installation directory, as shown in the figure:

You can click test to test, no problem if no error is reported

The second step is to search for github in the search box just now, and then log in to your github account, where mine is already logged in, as shown in the figure:

Remember to click ok application at the end

The third step, click according to the screenshot steps, and finally a confirmation box pops up, and operate according to the prompt text:


This completes the basic settings for github in webstorm, and then starts uploading.


Step 1: Click as shown in the figure. The first step is to right-click the project or file to be uploaded. There is no obvious prompt for this step, just click it.

Step 2: Follow the steps shown in the figure, that is, there is a Commit above the add in the previous picture, as shown in the figure:

Click to come to this page, follow the prompts

Don’t worry if this pops up, I just clicked commit directly, you can upload

After clicking, some may pop up a login prompt. Just log in to the github account and wait for the upload progress bar to finish (the progress bar is at the bottom of webstorm, take a closer look), and then you can see on github that you just uploaded The code!


tips: Add a place to delete your github repository in the webstorm repository (similarly, the prerequisite for adding is that you already have this repository in your github).

To add a method, first click the plus sign

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