EasyRTC online video conference management system architecture design and its open source code

When we are developing the EasyRTC video conferencing system recently, in order to solve most of the user integration and secondary development problems, allowing users to build their own business video conferencing system with a lower threshold, we developed and open sourced the EasyRTC video conferencing system. Management system, EasyRTC's video conference management system open source project address: https://github.com/tsingsee/EasyRTC-Admin


EasyRTC system division

  1. Component management service: It can also be called a cluster management service, which is used to allocate the corresponding meeting room to the corresponding video conference streaming media service. The meeting room management belongs to the business server, and only when the meeting needs to start, it is divided into the corresponding stream Media service for distribution of video conferences;
  2. Live broadcast/recording service, this is mainly used for recording and RTMP reposting of the conference process in the meeting room or conference room. The live broadcast/recording service consumes system resources because it needs to synthesize videos from multiple parties;
  3. Streaming media service, this is the streaming media forwarding service of video conferences, mainly for SFU video multiplex distribution;
  4. The API server, the API business service of the video conference layer, manages the creation and modification of the conference room, manages the token of the entire streaming media backend, and manages the process and recording of the meeting. It belongs to the API of the streaming media layer;
  5. Shared video/document services, mainly used for sharing video playback, sharing documents, sharing annotations and other functions in the video conference room;
    system structure

EasyRTC-Admin system requirements

It is necessary to develop a set of business management services for video conferencing corresponding to the API server, including user management, meeting room management, meeting record management, recording management, etc. The business management service and the API server are connected in a single-line way of token authentication:


Based on this demand, we have developed and open sourced the EasyRTC video conference management system, which can help developers of video conferences develop video conference systems faster and better;

Both the MCU version and the SFU version of EasyRTC can be viewed online to demonstrate the effect, and you can select and view it on EasyRTC.cn;

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