Scientific Research 101 (1): How to download files in Google Drive

Foreword: Due to the needs of scientific research or learning, we often use data sets, and these data sets are often stored in Google Drive, so it is necessary to understand how to download the files in Google Drive.

Method 1: Download directly

  • Required tools: High-speed virtual private network (VPN), recommended Lantern
  • Method features: This method is simple; if you need the tool, download is very convenient.
  • Steps: Click directly to download.
Figure 1. Screenshot of downloading files in Google Drive

Method 2: Use MultCloud to transfer to a third-party network disk

Required tools: Virtual private network (VPN)
Applicable conditions: Under the condition that method 1 is not achieved, this method can be considered. Because of the use of a low-speed virtual private network, there is a risk of interruption during downloading.

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