The Road to Big Data, Alibaba Big Data Practice Reading Notes --- Chapter 16, Data Application

  • This article mainly introduces two applications: the data product platform provided to external merchants-the business staff and the data product platform serving Alibaba's internal


1. Business Staff

  • As a big data company, Alibaba, while promoting business data, is also continuously helping merchants to realize data business. In terms of external products, Alibaba uses "business staff" as the official unified data product platform to provide businesses with a variety of diverse and inclusive data empowerment;

  • As of the fiscal year 2016, the cumulative number of business staff serving the business has exceeded 20 million, and the number of Vietnamese service businesses has exceeded 5 million. More than 90% of the merchants with a monthly turnover of more than 30W yuan have logged in more than 20 times a day;

  • Background overview:

    • The business staff was born in 2011, the earliest data tool used in the Ali B2B market, and entered the Tao department in 2013;

    • At that time, there were as many as 38 data products of the Alitao system. The statistical methods of different products were different. The data of the same indicator was different in different products, which caused a lot of trouble to the merchants;

    • In order to ensure user experience, since 2014, relying on Ali's internal OneData system, the business staff with more advantages in data consistency have successively integrated other data products such as Quantum Hengdao and Data Cube, and upgraded to the official unity at the end of 2015 Business data product platform. As a result, merchants can experience unified, stable, and accurate official data services as long as they use a platform for business staff;

    • During product integration, optimize its core functions while retaining its core functions, while constantly expanding the service capabilities and service scope of the new platform. During the integration of Quantum Hengdao, important functions such as large promotion event boards, real-time live broadcast of large screens, self-service access, etc. were launched simultaneously;

    • When integrating the data cube, it launched a "market situation" with similar function positioning, and also launched the data war room, a big promotion tool for popular high-end merchants ...

  • Business Staff Product Idea Map


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