Do not download tomcat, maven plug directly run the war package, delicious


In the past, we debugging web project, you need to download a local tomcat in order to reuse items for others to fast commissioning, start here demonstrate a web project with maven plug-in method

Add the following plug-in pom file


Port project with the path and the like can be configured

Run the following command to start

mvn tomcat7:run

Or click on the button idea sidebar plug-in maven


Start with the above manner, then can not debug the source code, you can simply configure it.

1. Click on Edit Congigurations

2. Select the button maven
3. Select the project to be executed, fill in the command to execute tomcat7: run
At this point the project can be started by normal start-up and debug the right of two buttons
Run a web project is so fast, tomcat configuration change is also very easy.

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