The importance of the industry watchdog router

Most industrial router will be equipped with the watchdog technique, in order to guarantee stable operation of the equipment, then, what is the watchdog of it?


Bai Ma industrial router equipped with hardware watchdog .jpg



Watchdog: Watchdog called, is essentially a timer circuit, generally have an input and an output, wherein the input is called the dogs, the output is typically connected to the reset terminal of another part, usually connected to the router industrial chip (SCM). The watchdog function is regular viewing situation inside the chip, once the error has occurred on the issue of restarting signal to the chip.


Bai Ma router equipped with hardware and software watchdog .png 


With industry watchdog router, stable operation can be achieved in the absence of a state, once the industrial router outside interference or self crashes, the watchdog monitoring circuit through, and issues a reset command router, watchdog command in a program interrupt with the highest priority, intelligent wake-up software or hardware power restart, reset the entire device to ensure normal operation of equipment in real time.


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Bai Ma industry wide standard router software watchdog and hardware watchdog automatic monitoring technology, equipment, equipment unattended, reliable, provide strong support for the communications networking and wireless transmission projects.


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