Google Chrome browser to redesign the "Privacy and Security Settings" page

Chromium team redesigned the Chrome browser's "privacy settings" or Chrome 80 in the "Privacy and Security Settings" card.

It is reported that the card has been simplified display "Clear browsing data", "Site Settings" and "sync" and "Google services" as at the top, while the other options are hidden in the "More" button. Currently, the new UI privacy settings card is located behind the Canary named "Privacy redesigned" sign, you can visit chrome: // flags page is enabled.

Currently, when users access to the latest Chome Canary chrome 80.0.3967.0 or later: // flags page and enabled the "Privacy redesigned" logo, you'll see the Chrome settings page, the "Settings" menu "Privacy and security" from "advanced" to "basic", and compared with the previous version displays the first eight rows, "Privacy and security" card now displays only the first four rows.

The reason for the change, the official explanation, said: "it (privacy settings card) is more prominent and easy to use."

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