In the Year of the centripetal force: how to ideological and political education of vocational education throughout the whole process?

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Vocational education is not only to train personnel with technical skills, but also pay attention to the ideological and political education of vocational education throughout the entire process. In an interview with the students technical skills training, but also focus on keeping their own ideological and political education, maintaining their ideological rationalization.

So, how can the ideological and political education in vocational education throughout the whole process of it?

First, vocational schools should adhere to the correct direction of running. To conduct training courses and vocational education courses in accordance with the relevant policies, strengthen ideological and theoretical education for all students, and vigorously promote the ideological and political education into teaching materials, classrooms and our minds, constantly enhance students' self-confidence on the road, confident theory, system cultural self-confidence and self-confidence.

Second, adhere to moral and minor. The Lide tree people as the fundamental criterion for the effectiveness of all the work of school inspection, strengthen the ideals, beliefs, ideological education throughout the entire teaching education, the implementation of the whole teaching and practical activities to help students correctly understand the laws of history, accurate to grasp the basic national conditions, grasp the scientific world outlook and methodology. Guide students to develop good moral character and habits, Zonta for good, honest and trustworthy, loving the collective social interest.

Finally, strengthen ideological and political and professional courses ideological and political. In the course of vocational education, ideological and political construction should increase vocational schools, good overall planning, to be there for the ideological and political course, scientific and rational design of ideological and political education, depending on the characteristics of professional and competency requirements. Strengthen each teacher Lide tree people awareness to ensure that in carrying out each course has a certain ideological and political education elements into account, the formation of professional teaching closely integrated with the ideological and political theory teaching, educating people with the pattern to peers .

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