How Asterisk13.23.1 increase G723 and G729 coding coding

The main article how to configure the encoding issues Asterisk G729 and G723 of the encoding

Today stepped in to configure a voice call during a pit, there was an error in a docking line process, there can not be spread to other lines in the transcoding process, resulting in an error.

View the next system g729 encoding format and is not installed.

Here's how to install the demonstration under the relevant encoding format. Let Asterisk system more perfect, good convenient compatible with more hardware vendors.

Reference article addresses:

My local environment: Asterisk 13.23.1

[[email protected] modules]# asterisk -V
Asterisk 13.23.1

 By cat / proc / cpuinfo command to view and cpu core architecture is X86_64 or X86 of CPU or Core

By looking asterisk configuration files that store the associated library files referenced by the module's path, which is encoded binary files

[[email protected] modules]# pwd

Then asterisk official website address system to find the corresponding .so library file, stored in the path

Best to change the relevant file because the file permissions to 755 before the reference is to this authority

The right to file a heavy red box that I need to install the g723 and g729 encoded binary files used

Then there are two ways to load the encoded file, let asterisk to identify and take effect

1 1. A method, performed directly in the system:

asterisk -rx "module load"

In this way my version did not execute successfully test;

2. Method 2, execution proceeds to Asterisk at the command line:

asterisk -rv

localhost*CLI> module load
== Registered translator 'g723tolin' from codec g723 to slin, table cost, 900000, computational cost 1000
== Registered translator 'lintog723' from codec slin to g723, table cost, 600000, computational cost 3000
Loaded => (g723 Coder/Decoder, based on Intel IPP)


然后输入命令core show translation  然后输出目前安装了哪些编码


还有一个命令也可以看编码格式:core show codecs








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