In those years, programmers have eaten pie company which painting?

The workplace is a piece of pie, especially in IT, electronics, communications, and so high-tech industry, it is full of all kinds of pie. Some companies painted pie is true pie, and finally also honored to do so, however, some companies pie is a joke, purely to fool employees, like April Fool's Day is not a funny joke.

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As a programmer in an army, which you have eaten pie company painted it?

The company has a common pie:
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"and end of the project, we can take a break annual leave, to travel abroad," is but the project is not over, new projects again.

"Project well, very generous year-end awards will definitely make you unexpected." Project is done, but it really is so that we end awards "unexpected."

"Twice a year pay, promotion opportunities every year," but two years, as if still nothing happened.

Let us look at part of the programmer eaten pie:
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programmer 1: The company said the year-end awards paid 15, is basically no problem, but to the end, everyone would have become beyond basic.

Programmer 2: Do not believe the small companies the option, even if the profit model did not run through, options are basically waste, not as high salaries to the benefits.

Programmer 3: We can say that the overtime days off, but has since been in overtime, until the departure did not transfer over how off!

Programmer 4: Comrades good hard, work hard, after Beijing 2 per person ring a suite!

Programmer 5: Our products are made of hundreds of billions of market, after all you are older employees casually multimillionaire!

6 programmer: we will be able to stay for another three years listed!

Welcome to leave a message, tell me what you have eaten pie company?

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