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flex-endFlex projects all rely on Cross-Axis end edge (align bottom).


centerLet Flex project (centered) in the middle of Cross-Axis.


Flex projects all aligned along their own baseline on Cross-Axis.

The result looks a bit like flex-start, but slightly different. That " Baseline " in the end what is it? The following diagram should help you better understand.


Remember the previously discussed wrapattributes? We've added more Flex project in Flex container. Let Flex project Flex containers arranged in multiple rows.

align-contentProperties Flex containers for a plurality of lines. It is also used to control the arrangement of the items in the Flex Flex container, the arrangement and the effect of align-itemsthe value the same, but in addition to baselinethe attribute value.

Like align-itemsattributes, its default value stretch. You should now be familiar with these values. That is how it affect the Flex Flex container of 10 projects multi-line arrangement.


Use stretchstretches Flex project, Flex container so that they adapt to the space available along the Cross-Axis.

You can see the spacing between the Flex project, Flex project itself is set marginvalue.

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