Financing platform classification What?

Currently, many entrepreneurial small and medium enterprises, and financing remains difficult, the funds are an integral part of business operations of the blood, is the lifeblood of a business, is a necessary condition for business survival and development. And when a lack of funds business, to begin financing the selection. To get bank loans, less than 30%, to get the equity investment, less than 0.1%. This data tells us that the current allocation of social resources, has seriously hampered the development of SMEs. So the financing problem for SMEs has become the first consideration, but financing platform classification What? You know it?

Financing platform classification What?

First, the local financing platform for
  local financing platform refers to ××× when the government initiated the establishment, through the allocation of land, equity, fees, bonds and other assets, the company quickly package an asset and cash flow financing can be up to standard, necessary complemented by financial subsidies as repayment commitment, in order to achieve the purpose of receiving funds from various quarters, and then the funds will be used in projects of varying Fei Ji municipal construction, utilities and so on.

Second, the ××× government financing platform
  to ××× government financing platform refers to all levels of government ××× set up to finance the main business purpose of the company, including different types of investment in urban construction, urban development, urban construction assets of the company and other enterprises (thing) industry corporate bodies, mainly in operating income, public facilities and other charges and financial capital as a source of repayment.

Third, the third-party financing platform for
third-party financing platform means living in the middle part of the whole industry chain financing in connection with the PE / VC upstream and downstream are financing, mergers and acquisitions as well as companies listed requirements. They mainly for small and medium enterprises to absorb private capital to provide point-docking platform for capital projects.
Fourth, the Internet and financing service platform (P2B)
Internet financing service platform (P2B) is different from a new micro-financial services model P2P network financing platform. P2B refers to person-to-business, personal Facility created mode (non-financial institutions) businesses.

Yi butler - service platform for small and medium enterprises (enterprises solve financing difficulties, difficult to sell, purchase difficult, difficult issues such as the promotion) to remind you: the purpose of corporate finance is to promote the development of enterprises, so business owners must use the funds used place, to make every penny to play the biggest role in order to make financing truly help promote the development of enterprises. From this point of view, to raise funds is not the end of the financing, but with good money, and seeking the end of the development is the financing.
Finally, the company encountered financing problems, please consult Yi butler!

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