There must be a battle in the “War of 100 Models” | Analysis of the competitive landscape of China’s “War of 100 Models” in 2024

Recently, EO Think Tank released the "2024 China "Hundred Models War" Competitive Landscape Analysis Report", starting from the key processes of the "Hundred Models War", analyzing the reasons for the outbreak of the war and core competitiveness, and evaluating the comprehensive competitiveness of general large model manufacturers , gain insight into the industry development prospects of vertical large-scale models, and finally analyze the future trends of the "Battle of 100 Models" based on technology, products and market trends.


The following is the core content of the report:

1. AI technology development and key models

  • Timeline : Lists the release and key update time points of different AI models from December 2022 to March 2024.
  • AI model : Multiple AI models are mentioned, including but not limited to ChatGPT-3.5, 360 AI 1.0, AI ChatGLM, SenseNova, Baichuan-7B, AI CodeGeeX2, WPS AI, Baichuan-53B, Luca, MathGPT, XVERSE-13B, etc. .

2. AI Agent competitive landscape

  • Market analysis : Analyzed the penetration and competition status of AI Agent in different industries.
  • Competitors : The main competitors in the market are discussed, including 360, OPPO, VIVO, etc., and their AI models are mentioned, such as 360 AI 4.0, OPPO AndesGPT, VIVO BlueLM, etc.

3. AI for Science

  • Scientific research : Discussed the application of AI technology in scientific research, such as data processing, pattern recognition, etc.
  • Market Growth : Provides market growth data and forecasts in the field of AI for Science.

4. AI market growth forecast

  • Growth data : Forecast data on AI market size and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2027 are provided.
  • Investment Trends : Analysis of investment trends in the AI ​​field, including investments at different stages.

5. Challenges and risks of AI technology

  • Technical challenges : Discussed the technical challenges that may be encountered in the development of AI technology.
  • Risk factors : Analyzed potential risks related to AI technology, such as data privacy, ethical issues, etc.

6. Future development of AI technology

  • Technological breakthroughs : Possible future breakthrough points of AI technology are predicted.
  • Application Scenarios : Discussed possible new application scenarios of AI technology in the future.

7. Investment and cooperation

  • Investment cases : Provides some specific investment cases in the AI ​​field.
  • Cooperation model : Discussed the cooperation models and strategies among enterprises in the field of AI.

The document also contains some charts and graphs, but due to the large amount of information, they are not listed in detail here. Overall, the report provides a comprehensive analysis of China's AI field, including technology development, market dynamics, investment trends, and future prospects.

The report has been uploaded to the Open Source China APP. The report details can be downloaded and viewed from the "Open Source China APP - Report Module" .

APP download address:

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