What are the apple id password requirements?

 Newly bought Apple products such as ipad or iphone, you need to register apple id to download anything in the apple store. What is the apple id password requirement? The following system holy land editor will give you an analysis of the apple id password setting requirements.
what is apple id password requirement

  Apple id password requirements: there must be an uppercase letter, and the combination of English and numbers is sufficient, and the password length is also limited. When registering, there will be a prompt for how many characters are required. For example, your name is Li Yi, then the apple id password can be set to Lyi123456

  The Apple ID registration password is invalid because the password setting is incorrect. The Apple ID password setting method is as follows:

  1. The password must consist of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

  2. At least 8 characters.

  3. The set password cannot be the same as the Apple ID account name.

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