How to use the Office 2016 Activation Tool (KMS)?

  Many friends who use office 2016 have installed genuine software, but do not have a product ID, so how do you activate it? Here you need an activation tool. At present, only KMS can activate office 2016, so how to use the office 2016 activation tool (KMS) ? Let the editor tell you~

  Find the location where KMS is installed, if not changed, at the default path C:\Program Files\KMSpico. Double-click to run the KMSELDI program (be sure to exit tools such as 360 or Computer Manager before running this program).

  As shown in the figure, KMS interface, and then click Tokens, select 2016 according to the next page, here I only teach the method of activating Office2016, you can also click 2010. Others are win, Office2013, Office2016. The activation method is similar and will not be discussed in detail here. Then click where the finger is on the far right. Then some activation information pops up, which means that Office or Windows has been activated.

How to use the Office 2016 Activation Tool (KMS) How to use the Office 2016 Activation Tool (KMS)

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