What software are used for web front-end development?

The small partners who       do web front-end development have their own development tools that they like to use. Everyone has their own preferences. Here are a few of the most used ones for everyone. The following rankings are in no particular order~~


      Dreamweaver is a very old front-end development tool. It is powerful and supports visual development. You can make simple front-end pages without knowing the code. It is very popular among many developers.

      But its disadvantage is that it consumes too much resources, and software startup and operation will cause the computer to run slowly.


      2.sublime text

      Sublime Text is a super lightweight development tool. Lightweight means that it runs super fast and opens fast. It also supports configuring plug-ins to build different development environments. It also configures a lot of shortcut keys for developers. After using the habit, you will be inseparable from it.



      Hbuilder is a front-end development tool that has only become popular in recent years. The development interface is very concise and the display style is also very suitable. It will give developers a very comfortable feeling. It is also a lightweight development tool that has a very fast opening and running speed. fast.



      Editplus is a super easy-to-use editor, it not only supports front-end language development, C language, Java language and other languages ​​can be developed using Editplus, and the software itself is only a few megabytes, very compact. The disadvantage is that there is no programming prompt function, which is not very friendly to beginners.


      The above is the introduction of the 4 editors commonly used in web front-end development. The big guy said that you are strong and you are strong, I only use Notepad~~~

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