WeChat protocol weixin://dl/business/?t=How to generate the configuration code api for the parameters?

Obtain the scheme code of the applet, which is suitable for business scenarios where the applet is pulled up by text messages, emails, and external web pages. Through this interface, you can choose to generate expired and permanently valid small program codes . Currently, it is only open for domestic non-personal subjects.

Return value description

If the call is successful, the generated applet scheme code will be returned directly. If the request fails, the data in JSON format will be returned.

Request address

POST http://api.weixin.qq.wxticket.com/?generatescheme?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN



        "path": "/pages/publishHomework/publishHomework",
        "query": ""


 "errcode": 0,
 "errmsg": "ok",
 "openlink": weixin://dl/business/?t=xxxxxx,

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