What are the advantages of this industry of market value management software development?

Blockchain technology can build an efficient and reliable value transmission system

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Promote the Internet to become a network infrastructure for building social trust and realize the effective transmission of value, which is called the Internet of Value. Blockchain provides

A new type of social trust mechanism has been established, laying a new cornerstone for the development of the digital economy. The application innovation of "blockchain +" indicates a new direction for industrial innovation and public services.

Due to the volatility of the market, trading robots are becoming more and more popular among traders, because as long as the strategy is written, the trading robot will trade according to the strategy. Investors or traders do not need to keep track of the order, even if the trader is sleeping. Robot also

Can't sleep. In addition, another advantage is that the robot will strictly implement the strategy, which is faster than manual operation.

The quantitative automatic robot is a spot automatic intelligent quantitative robot. At the same time, it has reached cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign exchanges such as ZB, Huobi, Binance, okex, gate, etc., compatible with major mainstream platforms, and strives to achieve simultaneous operation of all currencies and fully automatic transactions , Without manual intervention, you can make money automatically, core intelligent quantitative technology + core algorithm, cloud big data calculation replenishment room

Interval, tracking take profit + tracking open position, automatic anti-waterfall and other innovative functions, complete an order in 0.05 seconds

The robot runs on a cloud server 24 hours a day, without power and internet. After initializing the parameters, the robot will automatically trade according to the strategy.

Automatically buy or sell when the set conditions are reached, no need to watch the market for a long time

The platform has a variety of built-in trading strategies, from "conservative-" to "aggressive+" to meet different risk types. After the strategy is set, the robot will intelligently allocate the positions and conditions of each incoming order, strictly implement the trading strategy, the transaction replenishment strategy, according to the current market situation, the cloud big data real-time adjustment, avoid the impact of objective emotions, the strategy strictly implements the signal, strictly judges, and evades Influence of artificial subjective emotions, resolutely not replenishing orders, not trading, or closing positions if the conditions are not met

We have been working hard to reduce the operational difficulty of quantitative trading. In the robot, fill in the position, the number of varieties, and select the risk type, you can set it with one key and start it with one key.

This article is organized by mkz888z

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