What is the prospect of training the web front-end?

      If Xiaobai wants to learn the IT development industry, the first consideration must be web front-end or Java development or Python. Among them, there must be a lot of students who choose the web front-end, but everyone is worried about the prospects of the web front-end. Let me introduce you.


      web frontend

      First of all, what is the web front-end: Front-end development is the process of creating front-end interfaces such as WEB pages or APPs and presenting them to users. The user interface interaction of Internet products is realized through HTML, CSS, JavaScript and various derived technologies, frameworks, and solutions. .

      Simply put, the web front end is a group of developers who use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and various derived technologies, frameworks, and solutions to achieve the display effects of the web pages or apps we see.

      Is the web front end promising?

      In view of the current market situation, the prospects for web front-end development are still very broad.

      It was about 2014 that front-end development became popular in China. At that time, 4G just began to become popular. The increase in internet speed caused people to become more picky about the display effects of websites and apps. Not only should it be fast, but it should also be beautiful and comfortable to use. So during that time, the front end developed more rapidly.

      And we are now in the era of popularization of 5G. The further increase in network speed will only give birth to better front-end developers to create more beautiful and easy-to-use front-end interfaces for us, so you ask what is the prospect of learning the web front-end now, Xiao Qian I must tell you to hurry up and learn.

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