December 2020-Phase 01-Front-end Basics-Know the WEB

Know the WEB

1. Know the page



How is the web page formed?

December 2020-Phase 01-Front-end Basics-Know the WEB

to sum up

The web page is composed of pictures, links, text and other elements. Our next task is to write this part of the web page elements in code.

2. Browser Introduction


December 2020-Phase 01-Front-end Basics-Know the WEB

2.1 Check the market share held by the browser

View website:

December 2020-Phase 01-Front-end Basics-Know the WEB

In 2008, the famous Internet giant Google released its first browser, the Chrome browser.
No way, the backstage is too strong, and it is indeed blessed with innate ability.

2.2 Common browser kernels (understand)

First explain what the browser kernel is. The English name is: Rendering Engine, with many Chinese translations, typesetting engine, interpretation engine, and rendering engine, which are now popularly called browser kernels.


Because there are too many browsers, but the main popular ones are the following:

Browser Kernel Remarks
IE Trident IE, Cheetah Security, 360 Speed ​​Browser, Baidu Browser
Firefox Gecko It's a pity that the past few years have been declining. The opening speed is slow, the upgrade is frequent, the teammate flash like a pig, and the opponent Chrome like a god.
Safari webkit Many people now mistakenly call webkit the chrome kernel (even if the chrome kernel is already blink). Apple felt like someone had robbed her of her daughter-in-law, and she cried out in the toilet.
Chrome Chromium/Blink In the Chromium project, the Blink rendering engine (that is, the browser core) is developed and built into the Chrome browser. Blink is actually a branch of WebKit. The latest version of most domestic browsers uses the Blink kernel. Secondary development
Opera Blink Now follow chrome with blink kernel.

Further reading:




3. Web standards (emphasis)

  • Can tell the three-layer composition of web standards in web pages
  • Can be combined with people to express the three layers of web standards

Web standards are not a certain standard, but a collection of a series of standards developed by the W3C organization and other standardization organizations.

W3C World Wide Web Consortium is the most famous international standardization organization. Since its establishment in 1994, it has published nearly a hundred standards related to the World Wide Web and made outstanding contributions to the development of the World Wide Web.

w3c is similar to the United Nations in the real world.

3.1 Why should we follow the WEB standard?

Through the different cores of the above browsers, we know that their display pages or layouts are slightly different.

December 2020-Phase 01-Front-end Basics-Know the WEB

3.2 Benefits of Web Standards



3.3 Web standard composition

Composition: It mainly includes three aspects : structure (Structure), performance (Presentation) and behavior (Behavior).

standard Description Remarks
structure The structure is used to organize and classify web page elements . We mainly learn HTML . December 2020-Phase 01-Front-end Basics-Know the WEB
which performed Performance is used to set the layout, color, size and other appearance styles of web page elements , mainly referring to CSS. December 2020-Phase 01-Front-end Basics-Know the WEB
behavior Behavior refers to the definition of web page model and the preparation of interaction, we mainly learn Javascript December 2020-Phase 01-Front-end Basics-Know the WEB

Ideally our source code: .HTML .css .js

Combine people to remember web standards:

Structural standard: It is your natural physical
performance standard: Determines whether you look beautiful (clothes? Make-up?)
Behavior standard: Determines whether you have attractive behaviors (actions)

Summary of web standards

  • The web standard has a three-layer structure, namely structure (html), performance (css) and behavior (javascript)
  • The structure is similar to the human body, the appearance is similar to the dress of a person, and the behavior is similar to the behavior of a person
  • Ideally, their three layers are independent and put in different files

4. [email protected]

  • Introduce your understanding of the browser kernel? What are the common browser kernels?
  • The browser kernel consists of two parts, the rendering engine and the js engine. The rendering engine is responsible for reading the content of the webpage, organizing the information, calculating the display mode of the webpage and displaying the page, and the js engine is to analyze and execute js to obtain the dynamic effect of the webpage. Later, the JS engine became more and more independent, and the kernel tended to refer only to the rendering engine.

Microsoft Edge:EdgeHTML

In-depth reading: The origin of the five major browser kernels and a summary of the major browser kernels in China

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