What are the web front-end programming languages?

      I believe everyone is familiar with web front-end development. All the effects you see on web pages are inseparable from the efforts of web front-end developers. Some students asked Xiaoqian which languages ​​do web front-end engineers use? Next, Xiaoqian will introduce to everyone.



      HTML can be regarded as the basis of front-end development. You must be proficient in div, form table, ul li, p, span, font, these tags, these are the most commonly used, especially div and table, div can be used for layout, table can also be used Layout, but not flexible, the basic table is used to deal with data. And CSS is a language used to control the style, but also everyone needs to learn.


      JavaScript ("JS" for short) is a lightweight, interpreted or just-in-time compiled programming language with function first. Although it is famous as a scripting language for developing Web pages, it is also used in many non-browser environments. JavaScript is based on prototype programming, a multi-paradigm dynamic scripting language, and supports object-oriented, imperative and declarative (such as Functional programming) style. The dynamic effects of the page are all realized by JavaScript. Of course, the current CSS3 page provides us with a lot of effects that can be used.


      You can think of jQuery as a packaged JavaScript plug-in, and it is also the most widely used js plug-in, so if students want to learn front-end development , this is an unavoidable part.

      4. Java 、 PHP

      Xiaoqian suggests that even if you are not proficient, you should learn a little about a simple back-end language. Common ones are Java and PHP. Knowing the front-end and back-end can help you better design and achieve the desired effect.

      The above is the introduction of several programming languages ​​that are very important for the web front end. Of course, there are also some other js plug-ins that are also used more. Students can learn and understand more when they are free.

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