What does web front-end development do?

      I believe that most of the students here know the role of web front-end development , but there are also some students who are not very familiar with it. Today, Xiaoqian will introduce the web front-end to everyone in the simplest way.


      web frontend

      The web front end is the process of creating front-end interfaces such as WEB pages and presenting it to users. The user interface interaction of Internet products is realized through HTML, CSS, JavaScript and various derived technologies, frameworks, and solutions.

      Simply put, it is a programmer who makes pages through html&CSS&JavaScript and other technologies. We say that all the web pages we see are inseparable from the efforts of web front-end developers.

      Front-end development

      Of course, today's front-end development is not just the web side, but also the app side, applet side and other pages are inseparable from the application of front-end development technology.

      What technologies do we need to master for web front-end development?

      1. Have a good understanding of the current popular web page production method (Web2.0) HTML+CSS and the compatibility of major browsers.

      2. Basic grasp of cutting-edge technology (HTML5+CSS3).

      3. Master the most basic JavaScript calculation methods, understand some commonly used JS frameworks, such as jQuery, YUI, etc.

      4. Also have some understanding of other IT programming languages ​​such as: PHP, Java, .net! Some companies also require a little knowledge of SEO optimization

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