What are the web front-end interview strategies?

What are the web front-end interview strategies?

With the rapid development of the Internet world, the demand for programmers is also rising, and many companies are competing for personnel. How to stand out in the competition, adequate preparation before the interview is essential, let's take a look at what preparations are made before the interview.

What are the web front-end interview strategies?

1. Write a good resume

If graduates can't write, they must first learn from excellent resume templates, and they must not be messy. You can Baidu some front-end dedicated templates.

In addition to typesetting, the front-end resume is best to have-work experience and work projects. If you are an intern, you can write about your school experience, and there are some certificates, such as English Certificate Four and Six, National Computer Certificate Two, Mandarin Certificate, etc., which can be filled in on the resume, which will be a bonus item.

One point to be mentioned here, because we are interviewing for technical positions. You need to reflect your skills on your resume. It's almost enough to write about eight skills. In terms of skill selection, such professional skills as necessary technical skills, plug-in application, code specification, interaction design, architecture optimization, etc. can all be written.

2. Choose and understand a good company

Before posting, you need to carefully understand the company you are delivering to, and don’t be confused by the pictures and salary on the recruitment app. You must carefully examine the company's requirements for job skills, benefits, etc., and choose your own suitable investment.

The best time to submit your resume is between 9 am and 11 am, and between 3 pm and 5 pm. Choose the time when HR has just started working. The possibility of seeing your resume will increase.

3. Make a summary

The skill points written on your resume must be carefully remembered. There is also a project that you have done. Be sure to prepare a summary of the project. For specific questions to keep in mind, you can refer to the following four points.


1. What kind of project is the project

2. Technology adopted and technology expansion

3. Problems and solutions

4. Experience

These are the things that the interviewer may ask. When answering questions, you can bring in knowledge points, try to say some dry goods as much as possible, and leave some good impressions on the interviewer.

4. Knowledge reserve

Keep in mind the knowledge structure of daily learning. Some interviewers will ask some general technical questions to test your technical skills. For example, remember and master some basic content of js/css. Or ask about the content of the framework, etc.

So use your knowledge reserves as much as possible to show your thinking process. Don't be nervous while reviewing the knowledge points. You can use confident answers and treat them with a normal mind. These will give you extra points.

After the interview, wait patiently for HR's notice, enter the re-examination or salary negotiation, etc., just wait patiently for the offer. Ambition is the guide to success, confidence is the support that will never give up, and patience is the sword to drive away difficulties. You will definitely have good luck when you read the article.

The above web front-end interview guide is for you who need to find a job. I wish you all success in your studies and soft offers.

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