DeFil——A good recipe for the circulation of Filecoin tokens [IPFS Miner's Home]


The mission of the Filecoin network is to build a strong and active distributed cloud storage network to lay a solid foundation for information in human society. Now, it has been nearly three months since the Filecoin mainnet went live. The effective computing power of Filecoin's entire network has reached 1.86EB. The security performance, storage capacity, and service quality of the Filecoin network have been verified. The next focus of the Filecoin network is Towards the direction of effective data storage and commercial use.

(;Ipfskg) In order to promote the Filecoin network to store effective data faster and attract customers with real storage needs to enter the network, Filecoin officially launched the Filecoin Discover project and the Fil-plus project.

We are in an era of big data, and the commercialization of the Filecoin network is an inevitable historical process.


As a miner, we need to think about a question, that is, when a customer with storage needs enters the Filecoin network, which miner will this customer choose to store their precious data? Does the Filecoin network have a "scoring mechanism" for miners ? Next, let us talk about the quality indicators and reputation of the Filecoin network.

The Filecoin network already has certain financial attributes, so the role of the Filecoin network today has also begun to increase, for example-


Miners develop strategies for return on investment through growth in trading capacity

Store customers

Storage customers decide which miners to trade on the condition of uptime


The insurance company decides which miners to insure based on the volatility of storage capacity


The lender in the Filecoin network determines the loan amount based on the transaction verification status


Decide which loans to take based on the distribution

(;Ipfskg) DeFil serves the Filecoin project, which has its own real business needs-to provide real and effective storage and retrieval of value data . Currently, Slingshot in the SpaceRace2 phase is advancing this development.


According to the Slingshot rules, there will be a large number of applications and UI displays after the phased test is over. Whether it is retrieval and access of audio, video, graphics, and documents, this will be a call to present complete data.

In the future, the Filecoin ecosystem will harvest more applications based on real demand scenarios. With the development of the FIL economy, combined with the concept of DeFi, DeFil will never stop at loan mortgages. More usage methods will inevitably boost FIL's future performance in the market, attract more people, applications, and public chains, and build more consumption scenarios.

(;Ipfskg) As part of Web3.0, DeFil has the same direction of differentiation and centralization to break barriers. Technical difficulties will no longer be the biggest obstacle to its realization. How to reconstruct and present Web2.0 in Web3.0 and connect people and people The interaction of programs is a topic that needs to be discussed in depth again.


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