Enterprise WeChat has become a new choice. How good are these functions?

"Hello, please add my corporate WeChat."

Enterprise WeChat has entered our lives without knowing it; more and more companies have joined the ranks of using enterprise WeChat. "Please add my enterprise WeChat" has become a new service method. Up to now, millions of enterprises have used enterprise WeChat to provide professional services to 250 million WeChat users. Since the major upgrade of version 3.0, corporate WeChat has become a new way for companies to grow their brands in the post-epidemic era.

Why has enterprise WeChat become a new choice for enterprises?

Enterprise WeChat is a professional communication tool created by the WeChat team for enterprises. It not only provides internal staff management for enterprises, but also connects the WeChat ecosystem to help enterprises provide customer service.
From the perspective of enterprise internal employee management, the functions are similar to DingTalk. Both have basic OA functions, such as attendance check-in, project approval and reporting, microdisk, document collaboration, calendar to-do items, etc., to help enterprises work together.
The biggest advantage of enterprise WeChat is based on the ability of the WeChat ecosystem to connect 1.2 billion WeChat users, and enterprise WeChat members can directly add personal WeChat users, providing more efficient access to enterprise professional services. Not only that, enterprise WeChat can achieve standardized and large-scale management of customer resources, allowing enterprises to serve customers more refinedly

Enterprise WeChat live code helps to easily acquire customers. The
official WeChat live code tool of the enterprise supports single-person code and multi-person code. Customers can add corporate employees as friends by scanning the live code created. After the customer scans the code, the system randomly allocates it, allowing employees of the company to obtain customers fairly and improve the efficiency of reaching customers; not only that, the enterprise micro live code never expires to ensure customer retention.
However, the live codes that come with enterprise WeChat still have the following limitations:
1. Cannot generate channel live codes and distinguish the customer acquisition effect of each channel;
2. When adding friends, it cannot automatically tag and distinguish the source of customers.

"Weisheng·Qiwei Butler" can easily help you solve it and help companies quickly acquire customers. Weisheng·Qiwei Manager provides enterprise live code function. Administrators can create channels based on activities or regions. Each channel can create multiple employee live codes; live codes have a distribution function, and employees in live codes automatically have distribution attributes. Customers can be expanded into subordinates in distribution, and customers and employees receive commissions. At the same time, it supports the labeling of different live codes, personalized greetings, data statistics, etc., which can help enterprises to count the promotion effects of different channels.
Users add employees through Qiwei live code:

Enabling the refined operation of the enterprise
Professional external image:

Employees use corporate WeChat to contact customers. Employee numbers have official corporate certification marks, showing professional avatars, real-name certifications, and corporate names. They have a more professional external image and quickly win customer trust.

"Weisheng·Qiwei Butler" upgrades employee business cards on the basis of corporate WeChat, and can configure store applets and employee business cards. Information such as corporate dynamics helps companies display a more professional corporate image. Not only that, that is, Keyun upgrades the dynamic functions of the company to display the past content of the company, in a style like a circle of friends, to help customers better understand the company and increase trust.
Automatic welcome message enhances stickiness
Whether it is adding a new user or entering a group, employees need to send a welcome message to the user to promote the relationship with the user.
Enterprise employees can customize the settings in the background or choose from the welcome message material library, set the customer welcome message and the group welcome message in advance. A good welcome message can improve interaction with users and enhance user stickiness.
The customer adds the enterprise micro staff to automatically send a welcome message:

"One-click mass mailing" is convenient and fast
In order to better maintain customers, you need to contact and interact with customers frequently; including holiday condolences, marketing activities, etc. However, if you send messages one by one, a lot of time and labor cost will be wasted. The group sending function provided by enterprise WeChat solves this problem perfectly.

The group sending function is divided into individual group sending and customer group sending. You can send text, pictures, small program marketing activities, etc. Employees can check multiple customers or customer groups according to the specific situation, and conveniently push important messages with one "click" to improve Customer activity and stickiness promote consumption.
One-click group distribution of small program vouchers:

"Weisheng·Enterprise WeChat Manager" has also opened up the enterprise WeChat group sending function, and has been optimized and upgraded. It can not only send relevant messages to customers and customer groups in groups, but also support regular group sending to ensure that messages are pushed regularly and fixedly, and no longer miss the best Push time.

"Weisheng·Qiwei Butler" can set the push method in the background:

Abundant group management functions
The WeChat group of enterprise WeChat can help enterprises rapidly fission and refresh, improve the efficiency of community services based on tool capabilities, and further improve services. In addition to the two functions of group welcome and "one-click" group sending, the customer group also has many bright features.
(1) Customer group live code
Enterprise WeChat supports adding up to 5 groups to integrate the same QR code, especially the QR code never expires, and the group is automatically built when full, which is equivalent to building a group of thousands of people and easily helping the company to pull New fission.
(2) Automatically reply to messages.
Employees can configure quick replies and let group robots automatically push messages based on keywords to improve work efficiency.
(3) Group chat for assigning resigned members After an
enterprise member resigns, the enterprise can assign his customer group to other members and continue to serve customers in the group.
Employees of WeChat group "anti-harassment" enterprises can configure anti-harassment rules. When a group customer sends a message that hits the rule, such as posting an advertisement in the group or swiping the screen, the member will be kicked out of the group chat or receive a warning message.
(5) Group members "de-
duplicate " enterprises can select multiple customer groups to filter out the duplicate customers according to their own needs, and remove them from the duplicate customer groups; on the one hand, it improves customer experience and on the other hand reduces unnecessary new Group, reduce the operational burden.

Administrators can create customer groups:

Accurate classification of customer labels:

Enterprise WeChat can help companies establish a set of common and applicable customer labels for employees to use, classify customers, and combine employee personal labels to use customer labels to achieve customer portraits, customer group segmentation, precision marketing, customer value enhancement, Analysis and mining and rapid information push.
Employees set tags in the background:

The backend of "Weisheng·Qiwei Butler" brings together the tags of multiple platforms. You can see not only the tags of corporate WeChat, but also the tags of mini programs and official accounts, forming a more complete customer portrait with more tag information. comprehensive.
Customer tags can be managed in the background:

Real-time access to customer circle of friends:

The corporate WeChat customer circle and the WeChat circle of friends product form are very similar, support sending text, pictures and video messages, and can also be sent to designated customers by tags. Every Moments posted at the same time will have a business name, which will further increase customer trust. It is equivalent to publishing an "information flow advertisement" to precise users in Moments.
Each customer’s Moments can display up to 1 piece of content published by employees per day, and each customer’s Moments can display up to 4 pieces of content per month.

Smart toolbar to assist in office The
chat toolbar is a brand-new feature of corporate WeChat. In order to facilitate the company's remote attack and better communication with customers, the administrator can set up common tools. After setting, the content of the toolbar can be called at any time on the page where employees chat with customers to improve the efficiency of employee wages.
The default toolbar of enterprise WeChat includes quick reply, customer details, live broadcast, product catalog, external payment, etc. In addition, enterprises can customize and add commonly used applications.
The toolbar appears at the bottom of the chat:

Customer group live broadcast real-time interaction

As a new type of sales model, "live streaming with goods" has emerged in the past two years. During the epidemic, the live broadcast economy, which has been accumulating for a long time, ushered in explosive growth.

Enterprise WeChat has also added a group live broadcast function, which not only helps teachers teach during the epidemic, but also helps enterprise employees to interact with customers in real time, achieving more efficient and refined operations, and then "carrying goods" conversion. After the live broadcast is over, the administrator can also export all the live broadcast details in the management background, summarize the data, and find ways to improve.
View the background data after the live broadcast:

Resignation inheritance allows customers to easily transfer

How can customers not be taken away if employees leave?
Corporate WeChat accounts are not tied to individuals, and customers support inheritance after resignation. At the same time, after the employee resigns, if the customer does not click reject within 24 hours, he will agree to establish a friendship with the new shopping guide/sales by default. Customers do not need to operate, no sense of conversion, and the customer churn rate has dropped significantly. Really do not disturb customers and provide customers with the most considerate service.

In-service inheritance

In-service inheritance is a function corresponding to the inheritance of departed assets. The administrator assigns the customers of in-service employees to other employees to follow up.

At work, if an employee's job changes and no longer serves customers, he needs to transfer the employee's customer to other employees for follow-up. With the on-job inheritance function, the employee's customer can be assigned to other employees for follow-up with one click. It not only reduces the tedious work handover of employees, but also prevents the loss of customer resources; it can help companies improve work efficiency, seize target customers, and promote customer conversion.

Customer sharing

Enterprise WeChat not only supports customer inheritance, but also customer sharing; when employees want to share customers with colleagues, they can "share with colleagues" on the customer details page or share the customer's "personal business card" in the chat window. If you need to share multiple Customers can repeat the operation to colleagues.

It can be seen that the customer management function of enterprise WeChat is very powerful, and it is the only platform to connect to personal WeChat, and it will undoubtedly become a new tool for enterprises to connect users.

But how to make good use of this tool to successfully create corporate private domain traffic, "Weisheng·Qiwei Butler" will help you! "Weisheng·Enterprise WeChat Manager" optimizes and upgrades related functions on the basis of corporate WeChat, such as external image, labels, channel live codes, etc.; at the same time, it opens up the WeChat ecosystem and combines small program stores to realize the transformation of merchants online. Achieve refined operations for customers.

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