November 10th, Week 45th, Sunday, 2019

Perfection has no place in love.


Perfection has no place in love, and we should always try to accept the imperfect parts of our lovers, to make ourself as perfect as we can to make up for those imperfections.

And innovation would be the same, there would be no place in innovation.

Sometimes it would be too late if we want to make the results, or the answers, or the solutions perfect, for we will lose the advantage if someone else make the same solutiions public earlier than us.

If we are only after the perfect answers, chances will have long passed by the time we share it.

So, please be brave to share some half-baked idea, even though we know it would be not perfect, but it could be part of the solution, as long as we can show it can run as we have planned, we will win lots of supports from others and make it better.

In youth we learn, in age we understand.


From Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach.

In some cases of my career, I would have the feeling which goes as following:

How things will be if I had already learned these things?

And I had expected that I could make some little changes by improving the ways of learning and practising.

However, things always ended with the same results, not so good as I had wished.

The main reason, in my own opinion, would be the lack of directions and actions.

Maybe things will change if I have implemented concrete actions, for example, reading the articles thoroughly and making efforts to practise with what I have learned.

Don't complain, try to accept the reality and spend the time on solving problems and improving skills, please live the life more efficiently.