Exception occurred processing WSGI script with Django

If you are running Django under mod_wsgi on apache you might see errors like "IOError: failed to write data" followed by "Exception occurred processing WSGI script" in your logs, this is because your code is actually throwing an exception but Django likes to hide any errors from your users (for obvious reasons).

Usually Django would send you an e-mail with the full callstack of the error to ADMINS defined in your settings.py but if you don't have your e-mail settings or ADMINS properties configured it will not be able to send you your e-mail report.

Also, if you have your e-mail host server defined wrong (i.e gmail.com instead of smtp.gmail.com) your server will just keep churning and never load your 404 or 500 server errors.

If you don't have an SMTP server to use and need to see the exception your site is throwing you could always set Debug=True but then anyone who accesses your site in that time will also see the information of the exception.

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